Unique Challenges

  • How long should I remain in the business once the equity transition begins?
    • Do I want to remain engaged in the business?
    • In what capacity should I remain within the firm, or should I at all?
  • Did I wait too long to plan for my retirement?
    • Can a sale realize sufficient resources for my support in later years?
  • Can I trust the new advisor to take over my practice?
    • How do I communicate and position the new practice with existing clients?
  • Often an advisor`s equity is converted to an income stream constricted by earn out provisions, which could reduce the equity of your practice.
    • What is the best way to structure my
  • Loss of Identity and purpose
    • Who will you be if you are no longer an advisor?
    • How will others perceive you in the community?

DKE Solutions

  • DKE provides consultative services in conjunction with other consultative partners in a multi-disciplinary approach to ensure that every stage of your advisor lifecycle is fulfilling for you.
  • Every practice and every transition is unique, therefore our services and systems must be unique to satisfy the goals and objectives of all stakeholders involved.
  • DKE uses a consultative process that is supported by five strategic functions. To learn more about how we help advisors find more time and increase their income, click here.