Growth Stage

Unique Challenges

  • Do I grow organically or through acquisitions?
  • Which Back Office Model is the best fit for my goals?
    • Building internal back office infrastructure and managing employees
    • Outsourcing to Turnkey Asset Management Program (TAMP) partner
    • Ensembles
    • Silos
  • Human Resource Issues: Employee Management
    • Searching for and hiring the right employee(s)
    • Identifying compensation and benefits best practices
    • Adding employees increases the complexity of practice management
    • Increased exposure to employment risks
    • Motivating and overseeing employees becomes a new responsibility
  • What can I do that will have the greatest impact on profits?
  • What is the most efficient use of my personal time and expertise?
  • Choosing the right technology – Cost Benefit Analysis
    • How will my investment improve the experience for my clients?
    • How will my investment increase the value of my practice?
    • How will this affect my personal income in the short and long term?
  • Professional Coaching Programs
    • The vision of a bigger future is often not realized because there is insufficient follow through to complete the implementation of specific tactics.

Transition Phase: Expansion

  • Enthusiastic Advisor vs. Business Manager
    • Many advisors who begin their career and/or practice are very energetic and passionate about what they do for their clients because of the impact they have. Often, however, advisors wake up one day and realize that they have become a business manager and are responsible for activities that they do not want to be doing.
  • The search for the correct Back Office Model often involves trial and error, which leads to additional time, effort, and expenses that become costly lessons. Diminished profitability, reduced income and increased stress are the result.

DKE Solutions

  • Advisors who spend the greatest amount of time in front of clients, and prospects earn more. We relieve the burden of all the time consuming and non-revenue generating activities so that you can devote all your time to communicating directly with clients and prospects.
  • We conduct extensive vetting analysis when selecting software and service providers. Our partners are leaders in their industry and we make them available to our advisors and their clients. Often, these are provided at no additional expense.