Start-up Stage

Unique Challenges

  • Positioning and Branding
  • Creating marketing resources
  • Self-reflection and confidence: Am I doing the right thing for my clients?
  • Developing an efficient and effective process for working with clients
  • Developing and committing to a niche or focused group of clients and prospects.
  • Creating a network of expert professionals who are willing to collaborate
  • Building a network of referring professionals and clients
  • Maintaining proper compliance routines

Transition Phase: Survival

  • Generating sufficient income to maintain your personal lifestyle
  • Launching or expanding an advisory practice often requires substantial fixed costs or investments. These costs reduce the potential assets that can be allocated to working capital, and reduces the probability of attaining the Growth stage of your lifecycle.

DKE Solutions

  • Targeted Coaching and Practice Mentoring
    • We help advisors become more empowered
    • Pre-proposal review meeting
  • Our experts have an extensive experience dealing with a broad range of client needs and challenges. Advisors working with Advisors
  • Marketing resources
    • We have experience with what works well
    • Extensive library available for co-branding
  • All reporting and client deliverables are co-branded with your logo
  • We allow our experts to be co-branded as members of your Professional Team