The DKE Affiliation Process

Our unique, three-stage consultative process makes it quick and easy for us to mutually explore and define the grounds for a strategic alliance.

To learn more about the stages of our process, please use the interactive graphic below. A schedule of joint discussions, and how they support the consultative process, can be found below.

DKE Advisor Affiliation Process Stages

Mutual Exploration

The Pre-Exploratory Meeting is designed to determine whether it would be mutually beneficial to pursue a strategic alliance.  During this meeting, typically via telephone, you can expect a 30-60 minute dialog designed to help us learn more about your goals for the future.  If during this discovery we uncover evidence that DKE, Inc. may be able to provide extraordinary value to your current client service and business model, we will schedule time for an Exploratory Meeting.

During the Exploratory Meeting both firms will gather and exchange information to gain complete clarity regarding the desired goals and objectives of each firm.  At the conclusion of this meeting a series of web demonstrations may be scheduled to demonstrate strategic software tools that will assure the timely delivery of services to you and your clients. During the web demonstrations we will also address questions that may have surfaced during the Exploratory Meeting. At the conclusion of the web demonstration series, we will schedule time for a Transition Review Meeting.

Transition and Integration

The Transition Review Meeting is a time for us to visit, either in person or via web conference, and recap the goals and objectives of the relationship.  Specimen reports and affiliation documents will also be delivered during this meeting for your review and comment.

When you have completed your due diligence review and have reached a decision to proceed with the alliance, we will schedule a Mutual Commitment Meeting.  During this meeting, final affiliation documents and customized reports are reviewed, the Advisor Affiliation Binder is delivered and the affiliation documents are executed.  DKE, Inc. will then launch the Integration Process which will design the custom interfaces between our firms that will be used to solidly connect your practice to its new back office support systems.

Ongoing Collaboration

After you thoroughly test the custom interfaces we will progress to the final and ongoing phase in the affiliation process, the Monthly Collaborative Progress Calls.  These conference calls are designed to share information between the firms, update each other as to any changes in goals or objectives, and to learn what we could be doing to better support you and your needs.  Quarterly, the DKE, Inc. Expert Team will meet to review the tools we are providing you and discuss what other tools may be helpful to you and your clients.